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Whether you are an individual or a company director, before embarking on any type of operation or making a decision related to a real estate project, it is important to surround yourself with a professional who can advise you. Viseeon's specialized chartered accountants will help you with the accounting of your real estate project.

Indeed, many possibilities are offered to you: Nue-propriété, Déficit foncier, Malraux, Location Meublée Professionnelle (LMP) / Location Meublée Non Professionnelle (LMNP), Pinel, Loi TEPA, Dispositif DUTREIL, Girardin, SCPI de rendement : Immobilier professionnel d'entreprise, SCPI déficit foncier : Immobilier d'habitation (appartement, résidence pour réduire votre imposition grâce à un crédit d' impôts)... 

As there are many regulatory changes, we offer you the expertise of a Viseeon chartered accountant in order to guide you in your real estate projects, whether they are professional or personal.



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+ More than 80% of the millionaires became it thanks to the real estate...

Let a Viseeon certified public accountant specializing in real estate accounting assist you.

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