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The website currently located at is owned by VISEEON NETWORK, whose registered office is located at 2 allée de la Mixité 77127 Lieusaint, hereinafter referred to as VISEEON.

A user is defined as any individual or legal entity visiting the website.

By service, we mean the intermediation service accessible and distributed on the Internet by VISEEON and enabling any Internet user acting in a professional or personal capacity to obtain, for a given service, a connection with one or more Chartered Accountants by VISEEON.

information on certified accountant services

VISEEON provides information on certified accountant services. The information concerning these services on the VISEEON site is indicative, non-contractual and subject to change at any time. VISEEON cannot be held responsible for the information provided. We make every effort to keep it accurate and up to date. However, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Please report any errors or omissions to the following address: VISEEON FRANCE 2 allée de la Mixité 77127 Lieusaint or by e-mail

On request, VISEEON puts users in touch with chartered accountants for the services they require.

We check the quality of the chartered accountants we recommend, but we cannot be held responsible for, control or guarantee their services or the accuracy of the information they provide.

terms and conditions of use

Use of the website is governed by the terms and conditions of use detailed below.

All users acknowledge that they have read and accept these terms and conditions. VISEEON reserves the right to modify access to and the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.

VISEEON's business

In the event of an agreement between a Chartered Accountant and a user put in contact by VISEEON, the service concerned must be the subject of a specific contract between the 2 parties. Under no circumstances will VISEEON be held responsible for the terms of this contract, the services provided by the Expert-Comptable, the payment for these services or any aspect of the professional relationship between the customer and the Expert-Comptable. VISEEON cannot be held liable for any actions, misinformation or misappropriation for which VISEEON's Chartered Accountants may be held responsible.

VISEEON's activity consists of an online intermediation service, offering information for the purpose of matching your needs with the services and skills of Chartered Accountants. Under no circumstances can VISEEON be considered as a Chartered Accountant.


Date of last update:
July 06, 2023

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