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Our goal is to make an impact on companies by making a difference and providing them with high value-added advice. Thanks to our know-how and our unique network of Chartered Accountants, we accompany you in your decision making with a perfect knowledge of your objectives and your needs.

VISEEON is making history in the world of accounting, bringing a unique vision to the accounting and consulting industry.



Ahead of its time in accounting and management consulting, thanks to the innovation and knowledge sharing of an international network of independent, qualified and involved accountants and the ability to listen to its clients.

Accounting with Viseeon

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Consistently outperforming



Accounting with Viseeon - Growing network members and client companies, guided by the highest personal and professional ethical standards.


To guide our actions through the permanent search for innovation in our fields of activity, based on a vision of excellence and quality, through the sharing and transformation of technical information into knowledge and value creation for all.


To promote cooperation between the members of the network, respecting their independence, and to create better conditions to stimulate the relationship of trust and proximity with the customers.


To contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the network members, by providing them with tools and support for their activity and their business in order to increase their capacity for growth.

Viseeon France - We are professional Viseeoners

Accounting with Viseeon France


The values of Viseeon France are:

We ask all of our employees, network members and their associates to conduct themselves and their work in a proper and responsible manner, behaving honestly and refraining from any conduct that might bring them or the organization into disrepute. 

Strive to continually update professional knowledge and skills to ensure excellence in service delivery.

Demonstrate the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment, customer and organizational needs, being open to new ideas, being effective, flexible and resilient to unexpected problems or situations.

To constantly invest in new technologies as a source of competitive advantage, being at the forefront in the presentation of work tools and management solutions in the provision of services.

To act responsibly and with commitment in the performance of our duties and services, being fully aware of what needs to be done.

To guide our behavior by high ethical standards, always respecting the good reputation of people and institutions with which we are in direct or indirect relationship.

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Accounting with Viseeon

These fundamental values are assumed by Viseeon France, by all members and employees of the organization, in all their personal and professional behaviors and attitudes.

Viseeon France believes that its success is directly linked to the motivation and technical ability of its members, we invest heavily in technical, ethical and deontological training and in open and transparent communication with all those with whom it comes into contact in the course of its activity.

Viseeon Consulting - Always act with the best conduct


Proactive advice


Stay in control of your actions


Act with honesty


Reap the rewards of your investment


Have a team spirit


Remember to manage your time


Knowing how to take risks

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