A single goal:

free up your time so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Save time and focus on your core business - we'll take care of your payroll! Welcome to MANAGE By Viseeon, where our independent payroll and human resources experts look after your teams!

Tailor-made HR and payroll solutions

At MANAGE By Viseeon, we know that every company is unique, with its own human resources and payroll challenges. That's why we offer customized services to meet your exact needs.

  • 100% personalized support

    Whether you're looking to outsource your entire payroll, optimize your HR processes or benefit from support in personnel management, our experts are there for you.


Complete payroll management

Human resources consulting

Employee entry & exit

Legal and regulatory compliance

Staff development strategies

Management of employment contracts

Legal assistance in labor law

A network supported by chartered accountants

Viseeon, your guarantee of expertise

Manage By Viseeon was created by Viseeon, a network of chartered accountants. This genesis is far from insignificant; it represents a pledge of seriousness and a guarantee of quality that distinguishes Manage By Viseeon in the world of social management.

Viseeon's Chartered Accountants

Recognized for their rigor, expertise and integrity, they provide Manage By Viseeon with a solid foundation and unquestionable credibility.

HR and payroll expertise at your service

At MANAGE By Viseeon, innovation and quality are at the heart of our commitment.



Innovative solutions

Our members are carefully selected for their in-depth expertise in payroll and HR management. They provide innovative and effective solutions to meet all your requirements.


Join us

Join us and discover a new level of performance and efficiency for your personnel and payroll management. We look forward to being part of your success!


Find your Manage By Viseeon expert

Transform your HR and payroll management today with MANAGE!

Find the right HR/payroll professional for your business

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