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We hear about the famous soft skills, but what are they really for? Beyond your technical skills, you can use your emotional and human capacities in your work. 

Courage, perseverance, resilience, kindness and so on. It's up to you to find your strong point.

Today, we're going to talk about empathy and business. And yes, the two are compatible and can even help you accelerate your growth.

More than a buzzword, it is above all the ability to understand and feel the emotions of others. A powerful tool to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are talking to. What could be more obvious for a good salesperson?

Sales people will tell you that the key words arelistening andadaptation.


 Focus on positive psychology to sell

Psychology is a real science. Researchers study the human being and his reactions, emotions and how to interact in the best possible way.

And in business, the idea has always been the same. You don't have to sell, you have to find THE right solution for the right customer.

Here are 3 keys to selling smart:

Create an interaction

Rather than launching into a sales pitch, you must first create a relationship with your prospect. Take an interest in him and his life, his passions, his needs. The stronger the bond, the more your prospect will be your best source of information.

Build trust

It is this established connection that will create a sense of trust. Trust is the key to a successful sale. And as in life, trust is earned. 

Problem: You don't have a lifetime. Solution: Follow the rest of our tips.

Listen to us

Empathy begins with active listening. When a customer speaks, it is important to give them your full attention and seek to understand their needs, desires and concerns. By asking relevant questions and listening carefully to the answers, you show the customer that you care about their needs and are willing to provide a customized solution.


Put yourself in your customer's shoes

The concept of positive psychology provides us with knowledge about how people will react to an action.

And as you can imagine, every human being is different and therefore acts in his own way.

However, there are patterns of thought that can help us to orient ourselves.  

To identify them, you can rely on several methods such as the DISC method or NLP for example.

The DISC method

The DISC method is an effective tool to better understand your clients' behaviors and personalities. This method allows you to classify individuals according to four personality types. By knowing your customers' personalities, you can adapt your sales approach and communication to better meet their needs and build loyalty.


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a personal development and communication method that is very useful in the field of sales. This method is based on the observation and analysis of behaviors to improve interpersonal relationships. It allows you to better understand the needs and motivations of your clients in order to better convince them. By using NLP, you can adapt your language and non-verbal communication to better connect with your customers and offer them a more pleasant and personalized sales experience.


The REPORT technique

The RAPPORT technique is a perfect blend of NLP, positive communication and empathy, aimed at accelerating growth and sales.

"REPORT is the ability to enter someone's world, to make them feel that you understand them and that you have a strong connection in common. It is the ability to totally shift from your map of the world to their map of the world." Anthony Robbins

Some of the tips this approach gives us include:

  • Be positive: because as the saying goes: " Positive attracts positive "
  • Be optimistic to make your customers smile
  • Search for commonalities
  • Be patient

Be the mirror of your interlocutor

All these techniques are acquired beforehand, it is indeed essential to prepare your customer meetings: learn about them and even anticipate their reactions. And on the day, to help you, you can use the Mirror Effect technique. A real sales technique, it consists of quickly analyzing the behavior of your contact to imitate him. The mimicry effect allows you to enhance your contact's ego. You will thus adapt your speech and your posture to fit his mold.


You have all the keys in hand to boost your sales and increase your business tenfold. 

It's up to you!


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