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Ah the Mindset! The true spearhead of any entrepreneur. 

Wearing many hats, wanting and/or needing to develop constantly, thinking about the company from morning to night and often in the middle of the night, combining family life and professional life, not giving in, always moving forward... That's the life of a company director! 

You need more than courage, you need real determination and resilience.

Today we're talking about the mindset of a business leader. How to cultivate it? How do you keep it? And most importantly, why this very personal element will have the greatest impact on your success?


What is the Entrepreneur Mindset?


The mindset, or state of mind for the purists of the French language, is your mental strength. This inner strength that allowed you to launch yourself. This strength that makes you get up every morning despite the uncertainties. This strength that makes you the hero of your life!

In the life of a business owner, there are ups and downs, successes and setbacks. And that's okay. The mindset isn't always at its peak, but there are techniques to cultivate it. 

Just like a muscle, you need to train your unconscious mind daily to keep a winning mindset. Can you hear that Rocky music playing in your head?


How to create a mind of steel?

"Know thyself"said Socrates. And he said it a long time ago, so imagine the importance of this concept.


Getting to know yourself is the foundation for building your business. Knowing yourself means doing an audit of your own existence. You must visualize your strengths and weaknesses, your obstacles and blockages, your beliefs and desires. 

You also need to know your habits, good or bad, and how you work. 

By having all this information in an objective way you will be able to minimize what weakens you and strengthen what carries you.


Knowing yourself also means taking care of yourself. Your body and your mind are your main working tools. You must therefore take care of them. 

Good in body = good in mind = good in business


How to maintain your mindset?


There is no miracle method. However, thanks to the results of your self-analysis, you will be able to find the one that suits you. It's up to you to concoct your own recipe.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help you, here is a selection:


  • Create a routine for yourself

Hal Elrod's "Miracle Morning" is no longer in the news, but rest assured, we won't force you to get up at 5am every day. The principle of a routine is different for everyone. It doesn't matter how organized you are, as long as it is clear, defined and you stick to it. Routine creates habits and this will save you time and productivity.


  • Set goals for yourself

Small, medium and large, goals serve as a guideline for any entrepreneur. Today I must, tomorrow I must, in 6 months I must... Having a goal will give meaning to your actions. It is this sense that will allow you to procrastinate less and to find the strength to move forward.


  • Think outside the box

Think bigger, change your horizon, aim high! Being outside the box means allowing yourself to change your point of view, to get off the beaten track. Taking another angle will allow you to solve certain problems more quickly, to find new ideas and to stand out. Be unique!


  • Dare

What could be more intense than the pride of having dared? It doesn't matter what the result is, as long as you have the experience. The more you dare, the more confidence you will gain. It is this confidence that will give you a solid mindset.


  • Take Action

No more talk, now it's time for action. You have your perseverance, your goals and your routine, all you have to do is. Act, create, produce. You have the cards in hand to develop your business and boost your turnover.


The others are your essence

The Viseeon motto is quite clear on the subject: Independent but never alone!

Those around you are your first source of inspiration. It is in the collective that you will find the strength to continue.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you, who you admire and you will reach their level. 


Through others, you can learn and develop your skills, gain confidence but also ask for help and feel supported. That's the power of a network. 

That's why Viseeon has developed its concept through relationship marketing, also called MLM. 

We have created our own community of accountants. Viseeoners share their problems, their dreams, their desires and a common vision.


Whether you are a chartered accountant or not, you too can find your professional family. The one that will give you wings to move forward.

Want to join the Viseeoner community? Contact our team now.

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