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local chartered accountants

Viseeon is a network of independent chartered accountants serving companies.

We help professionals manage their businesses and their accounting.

Our chartered accountants are independent. What does that mean? It means they share your thoughts, problems and doubts.

Who better than an independent to accompany another independent?

Simplified, paperless management

Dedicated chartered accountant & Regular follow-up

Personalized advice to boost your growth

Benefit from legal, accounting and tax support

Viseeon, a name, a story

Like all success stories that begin with the synergy of a growing passion and an innovative vision, Viseeon was born in the minds of three friends.

It all began in a garage (sound familiar?). Through perseverance and commitment, Viseeon has grown.

Today, the company has raised 4 million euros to go even further and offer you tailor-made support.

JOEL PEREIRA - Viseeon Group


Founder - CEO Viseeon Group

Mylène Pereira


Co-founder - COO



Co-founder - CIO



Chartered accountancy has a duty to be innovative and forward-thinking in a fast-changing world. Viseeon is a forerunner, a pioneer and a popularizer.

On the road to 4.0 public accounting!



Consistently outperforming

your expectations


Viseeon offers a global vision in which our experts accompany you every step of the way. Your daily co-pilots!


We offer 100% digital tools that are simple and accessible. They make it easy for you to do business with our accountants.


Viseeon puts people back at the heart of expertise. And yes, we're nice even if we're demanding about quality and detail.


Save time to enjoy life, thanks to optimized management of your business and its accounting. Our experts are at your side!

Accounting with Viseeon France


It is the foundation on which every action we take and every relationship we build is built. As chartered accountants, ethics are an integral part of our beliefs. Being transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions ensures that you can always rely on us for reliable, high-quality service.

In an ever-changing world, innovation is the engine that drives us forward. We are determined to be at the cutting edge of technology, while seeking innovative solutions that bring added value to our members and their customers. 

We firmly believe that excellence is achieved through competence. Every member of Viseeon is an expert committed to continuous learning to maintain an impeccable level of service. Our skills ensure that the solutions we offer are not only effective, but also at the cutting edge of what's possible.

Respect is at the heart of all our relationships-whether with our members, their customers, or our partners. We honor diversity of ideas, cultures and experiences, and are committed to actively listening to and treating each individual as we would like to be treated.

Being responsible means keeping our promises and taking responsibility for our actions. We measure the impact of what we do, not only in terms of results and advice, but also in terms of positive contributions to the community and the environment.

Flexibility is a necessity. Whether it's adapting our services to better meet your needs or pivoting quickly in response to new market challenges, our flexibility ensures that we're always ready to serve you in the most efficient way possible.

100% digital and human

100% digital and human

Personalized advice
Single point of contact
Accounting, Social, Tax, Legal
Daily accompaniment

Boost your business with Viseeon

Viseeon france - A new lease of life for certified accountants

Manage your business with peace of mind!

Viseeon can help you optimize your sales and grow your business.

Don't be shy, dare to think big. With support in all aspects of business management, you can evolve serenely and grow step by step.

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