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Net salary simulator

How much does an employee cost a company?


Fill out all the information requested to get a detailed cost of your next hire with the VISEEON SIMULATOR.


Viseeon.Cash allows you:
Cash management
  • Access up-to-date information on your company's payments and revenues without wasting hours on spreadsheets;
  • Integrate data from your software with the VISEEON.CASH;
  • Automatically forecast cash availability and anticipate possible constraints;
  • Plan for the future in a serene manner.

The main benefit of cash flow planning with the VISEEON.CASH application is to secure your company's short-term liquidity.

An easy-to-use tool without the constraints caused by traditional spreadsheets.


Viseeon Simulators and Tools

Business plan for all

The viseeon.plan application allows you:

Develop business plans with financial feasibility analysis in a totally personalized and professional manner.

By defining your revenues, costs, investment, financing and more, you get an immediate report with the most revealing results and projections for all stakeholders.


Viseeon Simulators and Tools
Fiscal Calendar

Annual Summary 2022


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Viseeon Simulators and Tools

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